Uw partner voor uitbesteding van materiaalbewerkingen

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Welding is very labour-intensive work and for this reason is often outsourced by us, both in Asia (China, India and Pakistan) and in low-wage countries within Europe (Poland, Turkey and Bosnia).

Whether it concerns welding of (stainless steel, aluminium or steel) semi-finished products from sheets or profiles, or producing large or small construction work, machine construction, frame construction or appliances, we can produce it for you; besides, we have much experience in steel construction, both new constructions and renovation, all according to Dutch standards. The combination of low wages and Dutch management on site enables us to offer high quality at very attractive prices.

In our own location in Bosnia we produce small and large construction work. High skills and extensive equipment enable us to produce your products according to your wishes, and our logistic knowledge enables us to deliver the products after production within 2 or 3 days, with minimal transportation costs.

We can offer the following welding methods:

MIG/MAG welding

Most common welding technique, applied to steel, stainless steel and aluminium (more info MIG/MAG)

TIG welding

Both with and without added material, applied to steel, stainless steel and aluminium (info TIG)

Spot welding

For thin sheet material, especially on steel and stainless steel, to a lesser extent on aluminium (more info)

Robot welding

Automatic welding of steel, stainless steel and aluminium. MIG/MAG welding is commonly used for this (more info)

Our products find their way in virtually every sector: agriculture, cattle breeding, the world of sports, house construction, shipbuilding, offshore, trailer manufacture, automotive, container construction etc, from high-quality stainless steel products to simple half-finished steel products.

In our own production in Bosnia we have our own blast machine and powder coating installation; in addition red leads, paints, thermal and electrolytic galvanizing are among the possibilities.

Your customisation is our specialism.

Under Outsourcing Projects on our website you will find more information on projects we completed.


TOS outsourcing; your partner for machining (conventional and CNC turning and milling work), welding, forging, casting (metal and synthetic materials), extrusion, recasting, separating, preserving and assembling.