Uw partner voor uitbesteding van materiaalbewerkingen

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For many years, we have been outsourcing the casting of metal and synthetic materials to Asia (China, India and Pakistan), where the low wages not only ensure a favourable product price, but also lower investment in the casting tools required. For this reason it is often interesting to opt for casting rather than machining or welding.

If a faster delivery time is required, we can also outsource casting work in Europe (Poland, Turkey and Bosnia).

Outsourcing of the following casting techniques is possible:

Coquille casting / Gravity die-casting (info)

Mostly used for parts of aluminium, zinc (ZAMAK) and, to a lesser extent, brass.

Injection moulding (info)

Mostly used for parts of aluminium and zinc (ZAMAK).

Sand casting (info)

It is used a lot for parts of iron, in grey (e.g. GG25) and nodular (e.g. GGG40) cast iron, also in various steel alloys. To a lesser extent for stainless steel, aluminium and copper alloys (e.g. bronze and brass). In addition, we have several foundries specialising in the processing of wear-resistant cast iron..

Investment casting (info)

We offer investment casting in two distinct qualities:

    1. Silica sol casting / precision casting
      Parts with high dimensional stability and surface roughness requirements
    1. Sodium silicate casting
      Parts for which cost is an important factor.

    Both techniques are used for parts of steel, stainless steel and, to a lesser extent, copper alloys (e.g. bronze and brass) and aluminium.

    Injection moulding of synthetic materials  (info)

    Both technical synthetic materials (e.g. Nylon and POM) and industrial synthetic materials (e.g. PE, PP, PVC), provided with glass fibre reinforcement if necessary.

    The finishing of cast products, both CNC and conventional, can be carried out by us; heat treatments or surface treatments are also possible. If assembly work is required, we can outsource this for you as well.

    Material and measurement reports can be included in consultation with us; besides, we have an advanced 3D measuring machine ourselves (CMM) for accurately measuring your products.

    Thanks to our extensive network in Europe and Asia, and the accumulated knowledge in the field of technology and logistics, we can help you reduce costs. Thanks to our 20 years of experience we are familiar with the quality required and know where we can house your products.

    Under Outsourcing Projects on our website you will find information on projects we completed.


TOS outsourcing; your partner for machining (conventional and CNC turning and milling work), welding, forging, casting (metal and synthetic materials), extrusion, recasting, separating, preserving and assembling.