Uw partner voor uitbesteding van materiaalbewerkingen

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Your partner in outsourcing for labour-intensive material processing jobs to low-wage countries

About us

Are you looking for possibilities for outsourcing labour-intensive material processing jobs to low-wage countries, but are you afraid of all the red tape, the language barriers and quality or transportation problems? In a word, the loads of extra work?

Imagine leaving this to a reliable Dutch partner, who supervises your products from start to finish? Who gives you appropriate advice and a clear all-in price?

This is where TOS Outsourcing distinguishes itself. With over 20 years of experience in outsourcing we are able to produce your labour-intensive material processing jobs at a much lower cost. For this, we have an extensive network of reliable suppliers in low-wage countries in Europe (Poland, Bosnia and Turkey) and Asia (China, India and Pakistan), who can and are prepared to accept the quality and speed of the Western world.

Why Outsourcing?

These are the main reasons to consider outsourcing labour-intensive material processing jobs:

  • Working hours have a high price in the West.
    • Finding good workers is not an easy task on the Western labour market.
    • To keep an edge on competitors, producers are often forced to reduce their margins.
    • Taking on large projects is often impeded by limited production capacity and the high cost of outsourcing ‘to the neighbour’.

    The advantages of outsourcing your products through our suppliers are:

    • A reliable network: all our suppliers have been visited and audited.
    • High quality: suppliers apply Western quality requirements.
    • Price: thanks to the lower labour costs, the prices are more competitive.
    • A Dutch contact person: if you have any questions or problems you can turn to us; we vouch for the quality and the administration.
    • Inventory position: in our storehouse we can keep stock and deliver within days.

    TOS Outsourcing offers a solution to cope with these problems and save up to fifty percent on your expenses!

TOS outsourcing; your partner for machining (conventional and CNC turning and milling work), welding, forging, casting (metal and synthetic materials), extrusion, recasting, separating, preserving and assembling.