Uw partner voor uitbesteding van materiaalbewerkingen

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Surface treatment

After production many parts have to be treated to preserve or embellish them. Outsourcing the most common surface treatments is possible both in Asia (China, India and Pakistan) and Europe (Poland, Turkey and Bosnia). In our own location in Bosnia we have our own blast machine and powder coating installation. In our own powder coating installation we can lacquer parts to a length of 4,000mm, a width of 2,500mm and a height of 2,500mm.
Doing surface treatment ourselves allows us to keep our process competitive and reduce the risk of damage to a minimum.An enumeration of the possibilities:
  • We will gladly advise you on which surface treatment best suits your product. Good packaging of the parts is crucial after the surface treatment, in order to receive a damage-free product on arrival. For many clients we make customised packaging, provided with an article number, logo, etc, if desired.



TOS outsourcing; your partner for machining (conventional and CNC turning and milling work), welding, forging, casting (metal and synthetic materials), extrusion, recasting, separating, preserving and assembling.